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Oct 4, 2020

Courtney Love sits down with Scott for this episode of the podcast.

Courtney serves as Director of Player Development for University of Kentucky Football and played 2 seasons with the Wildcats (2016-2017) after transferring from Nebraska.

Discussion Questions:

1) Courtney is the Director of Player Development for UK Football. He was a 2yr starter and team captain, won the award for college football's top community servant, and helped set the tone and culture for UK's football program's success. He's no stranger to the locker room! What do you remember most about his playing career?
2) When sharing his favorite football memory he didn't talk about the fumble recovery on Lamar Jackson or victory over Louisville, instead, he talked about the practice the week before. Why did he pick that? What does that say about his character?
3) Though he was very successful athletically, Courtney always knew that his identity was not in sports. What did he share about his childhood that helped him know that? How did his college roommates help hold him accountable to that?
4) His father was huge on character, core values, and discipline. He once told Courtney', "If you have a party that's only for the "popular kids" I'm going to shut it down" because he wanted him to always think about how he could help others. Read Luke 14:15-24, what kind of people were at the party described there?
5) When Courtney interacts with people he is thinking: How can I serve you? How can I add value to you? Sounds a lot like Jesus' words in Matthew 20:28. Is that true for you, is that your default?
6) Working with UK players now his goal is to build men of character, competence, and consequence. On the field, in the classroom, and in the community helping them excel in all aspects of life. What did he say being a "man of consequence" means? Are there men in your life who you are helping to build up similarly?
7) Does your life exude calm confidence? Are you confident in who you are and what your purpose is? If not, how can you cultivate that?