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Nov 26, 2018

Vinnie Lopez is a former professional MMA fighter and current owner of Vital Strength and fitness in Denver Colorado. He is also a professional coach of several current fighters both in the UFC and outside of it. In this episode Vinnie and Scott discuss Vinnie’s story and what he is currently passionate about.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Vinnie had a rough childhood and was essentially left to fend for himself. Now, looking back, what did he say he’s learned from those experiences? How is that being redeemed for good?
  2. Ironically, MMA fighting was the thing that softened Vinnie’s heart enough to let Jesus in. What things would you point to in your life that softened your heart to hear and respond to the gospel?
  3. Vinnie’s whole life has been about pushing through painful or difficult situations and coming out on the other side. What happens when we go through the fire? What do we learn about ourselves?
  4. Everybody avoids pain differently. How do you try to get around it or take the easy route? What habits do we need to build to handle adversity?
  5. As men, we struggle to not put our identity in what we do. Vinnie talked about the moment when he realized fighting wasn’t the ultimate thing in his life, it was just a thing in his life. What have you had to wrestle to put in its proper place?
  6. Having friends and mentors along the road to help us stay on track, even when things get difficult is essential. Do you have people like that in your corner? Are you that kind of friend for others?
  7. Vinnie ended with some great challenges: Do something hard every day. Push yourself. Put yourself in situations where it’s going to be hard to win. You’re building one habit or another. What elements of discipline do you need to put in your life?