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Oct 26, 2020

In this episode Scott circles up with Mike Vandemark and Scott Hatfield - two Southland staff guys with years of experience leading teams.

1. The guys talked about how they have grown and struggled in the process of becoming better leaders. What areas of leadership have been a struggle for you in the past? How have you grown the most over the past two years?
2. “My way isn't always the best way.” In what areas, topics, or ways do you struggle to admit this?
3. There is a huge difference between having a conversation with someone and telling them all the ways they are wrong and you are right. What strategies do you use to ensure the give and take of mutual conversation?
4. Empathy is key in leadership. How do you fare in empathizing with people who are different from you?
5. Do you always have to win an argument? What hills are you willing to die on?