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Sep 22, 2019

Scott talks about insecurity and how it shows up in our behavior.

  1. Have you ever had a complete and utter meltdown? What was the cause of it? 
  2. If you have kids, can you resonate with the tension of wanting your kids to succeed and it having to do with your own identity? For those without kids, what are some other factors that threaten your identity?
  3. What are some of your deepest insecurities? How do you manage or hide them?
  4. Does your perception of yourself match what others think of you? Have you ever resonated with the thought that you have been “faking it till you make it”? 
  5. The reason we explode is because who we are is at risk. Do you have anyone in your corner always championing you to become the best version of yourself? 
  6. What things define who you think you are?
  7. One sign that someone is insecure is “not sharing the spotlight”. On the flip side, someone who is secure will tend to elevate others. Which one do you resonate with and why?
  8. Where and when do your insecurities show up? What situations reveal your insecurities? What would you hate for people to think about you? What would you be embarrassed for people to find out about you? Find one person who knows you really well and ask them to identify your insecurities.