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Sep 30, 2019

In this episode Scott talks about how to cultivate deep security in who we are.

1) What has been your past experience with cultivating deep security in who you are? What struggles have you encountered?
2) How have you historically been taught about God being all-knowing? How have you reacted to that truth? How have you tried to cover up things from God or clean up things for God?
3) Scott points out, there is no point in hiding from God because he is all-knowing. There are no deficiencies, inadequacies, faults, sins, weaknesses, that God sees in us as believers then there is no point in hiding from him. What keeps you from viewing yourself the way God does?
4) God fully sees the good attributes you have. He sees your strengths, abilities, talents, courage, care, love, and giftedness. What are some of the good attributes you do have?
5) God sees you for who you are really (both good and bad) and loves you dearly in light of it all. His love for you is not up for negotiation.
6) We have all struggled for seeing validation from others. Who have you sought validation from? And what circumstances or situations are you most susceptible to seeing validation?
7) Take a look at your life? What, if it was taken away from you, would you lose your identity? Power, position, influence, status, wealth, appearance, etc.
8) What is it, if left unchecked, could begin to identify you? How can you begin to cultivate a deep security in who you are so as not to develop a life of insecurity? Who in your life helps you maintain a real perspective of who you are?