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Nov 23, 2020

The family, the church, and government--three institutions of authority living in tension with one another.

In this episode Scott explores the context of Romans 13 and how we can remain faithful to Jesus with a clear biblical worldview on authority.

1) Would people label you as too political or not political enough? Why would they think that?
2) Who do you receive more attacks from: The "left" or the "right"? How come?
3) Read Romans 13:1-7. Check out multiple versions if possible. What observations stick out?
4) How have you wrestled in the past with the tension between government and God? What are some decisions you have had to make where you were obedient to God when the government overstepped?
5) What does the phrase “Jesus is King,” mean to you in this season? How has this affected the decisions you have been making?
6) What are some ways that you need to grow your Biblical Worldview? What avenues and resources help you the most in growing in your knowledge of Jesus and the Bible?