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Oct 1, 2018

Rorke is a Navy Seal, author, actor,hunter, husband and father. Rorke speaks all over the country for different organizations. On today’s podcast he and Scott wrap up their talk on leadership.

Discussion Questions:

  1. A lot of men aren’t avid readers. What about you? Why do you or don’t you read? Would you recommend other men to do the same?
  2. What do we miss out on when we just Google everything in the moment? How can that affect us both short term and long term?
  3. Rorke said “information won’t be committed to memory where it can be weaponized,” what does he mean by that? And why is it important to know more than just a few bullet points or sound bites?
  4. When and where could you start reading more? What sort of things would you like to read that would challenge you intellectually and spiritually?
  5. “Leaders do not take, we give. We don’t command, we serve.” What do you think about that axiom from Rorke?
  6. What are the “misnomers of manhood” in our culture today? What do others think is “manly” that actually is a bad or negative characteristic?
  7. Do you have good examples of strong, authentic, gentleman in your life? Who are you being that example for?