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Sep 24, 2018

Rorke is a Navy Seal, author, actor, hunter, husband and father. Rorke speaks all over the country for different organizations. On today’s podcast he and Scott talk about leadership.

Group Questions

  1. Scott and Rorke talked about Navy Seal training. It's purpose isn’t to make people something they are not, but to reveal who a person already is. What are the trials and challenges in your life revealing about your character?
  2. Rorke uses the sign off, “Ever onward.” What is the purpose behind this phrase? How does it challenge and encourage you?
  3. We live in a culture that actively tries to avoid pain and discomfort. What are some ways we do that every day? Why is suffering/discomfort good for us? How can you proactively seek challenge and hardship?
  4. Rorke says, “Train constantly. In the heat of battle, we don’t rise to the occasion, we degrade to our level of training. So train hard.” How have you seen this in your life? What one area of your life do you need to put in the effort to reach “unconscious competence?”
  5. In the podcast Scott said, “What Jesus points to is good, right, and best - not easiest.” What are some tough things Jesus has asked of you that you can now see were good for you? What is one area of your life that you need to just trust that He knows best?