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May 5, 2019

In this episode Scott continues his conversation with Jason Martinkus who leads Redemptive Living, which helps men who are struggling to restore their sexual integrity.

  • Read Galatians 6:2. Have you ever approached the church or a counselor for help with issues related to sexual brokenness and idolatry? What was your experience like with each? What can the church do better to deal with these issues? When men are in crisis, where do they tend to go if left to their own resources? Where do you go? What do you know about how to get help?
  • One of the huge disservices we do in church culture at large is we don’t talk about issues honestly. Jason acknowledged that most guys are struggling in some way. He made the assertion that, in one room at a conference, there were men who are having sex with animals, inanimate objects, women, children, transvestites. How does that hit you or how do you respond to that reality?
  • Eventually, God says, “Enough.” He doesn’t allow the dysfunction and sickness in us to go on any longer. Why does He do this? Have you experienced this kind of moment when God puts His foot down and says, “This far… no further...”? What happened?
  • Men sometimes try to manipulate their wife into changing, thinking they will somehow solve their own problem in that way. We shift the blame onto her, abdicating responsibility for our place to lead and love and serve. What kind of damage is done in your relationship and/or in your wife’s life when you do this?
  • Wives desperately believe there’s a good man in their husbands. They long for that man to come through. They want so badly for you to become everything they hoped you would be, to step into who God has made you to be. About what issues and areas of your life do you need to get honest with your group and your bride? Will you start that journey toward freedom right now, allowing the truth to break the chains?
  • Read John 8:31-32. One final question: Do you need to reach out for help?
  • Jason said, “We’ve got to get ahead of this.” It starts with you doing the deeper work and goes on to lives like yours being redeemed to help the next generation. Learn more about the work Jason is doing and the services his ministry provides at or