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Dec 18, 2017

Derrick is the Campus leader at Southland’s Nicholasville campus as well as a father of four. Scott and Derrick discuss what they’ve learned as fathers.

Group Questions:

  1. For fathers in the group: What was it like when you got the news that you were going to become a dad? What was it like when you held that baby in your arms for the first time?
  2. Most fathers feel very inadequate, unprepared, and not in control when they are starting off as parents. Did you share those feelings? How did it humble you?
  3. How has fatherhood helped you understand God’s heart as a Heavenly Father?
  4. Read Matthew 6:6-9. How does Jesus teach us to address God?
  5. Parents see things from a different perspective than their kids. Share a time when your kids have been wrong or are doing something they think is good that is clearly not good for them. How do we do this with God?
  6. Derrick talks about the story of Abraham and Isaac. Read about it in Genesis 22:1-19.
  7. What would you have done in that situation? Why was God testing Abraham like this?
  8. Have you ever been guilty of “Identity Parenting?"
  9. Discuss the differences you’ve experienced between parenting boys and parenting girls. 
  10. When was the last time you just took your kids “out for ice cream” solely to spend quality time with them?
  11. How are you loving your wife well so your kids see your example? Are you making her a bigger priority than your kids?
  12. Do your kids see you reading scripture and praying?