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Sep 28, 2020

How do we define a real man? In this episode we discuss God's definition of manhood in an age of fatherlessness. Scott reads and shares thoughts from Father Fiction by Donald Miller.


1) Donald Miller's book "Father Fiction" talks about the impact growing up fatherless had on him. What was your relationship with your father like?
2) Where do our struggles as a son or as a father come from? Where is this tension around manhood rooted?
3) How would our culture finish this sentence: "You are not a man unless _____"?
4) How would you define a real man?
5) Read Matthew 7:9–11 and 1 John 3:1. Learning how to navigate the journey of manhood is challenging. Some say it is passed down from one father to the next, but what does it mean that our identity comes from our Heavenly Father first and foremost?
6) God has spoken, so I have what it takes to become a good man; It doesn't depend on whether I had a good dad or a bad dad—or no dad at all. How does that thinking free you up? How does it motivate you?
7) Jesus is the essence of what real manhood looks like. What "manly" qualities do you see in His life?