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Dec 9, 2019

In this episode Scott, Chris and Derrick circle up to review the four freedom killers we discussed in Season 4 and share strategies for dealing with them.

  1. Throughout this season of Locker Room, with which freedom-killer have you identified the most? How does it manifest in your life? 
  2. One of the signs of insecurity is defensiveness... not allowing ourselves to hear and process the opinions of others, and the inability to take in new information, especially when it contradicts our own opinions. Where and when do you find yourself being the most defensive?
  3. Defensiveness stems from trying to protect our identity whenever we believe it to be at risk or under attack. Where do you see your identity might be based on things that are unhealthy—on anything other than in God? 
  4. Talking more than listening is another sign of insecurity. When do you see this rising up in you? Do you tend to be aware of it “in the moment” or not? How can you become more so?
  5. Accomplishments and compliments can also feed our insecurities. We can’t always believe our own press clippings. What are some achievements that feed into your insecurity? From whom do you need to hear and what do you hope they’ll say about you to boost your confidence?  
  6. Christian men who have their identity rooted in God alone play for an audience of One. Who do you tend to find yourself performing for when you are operating out of a place of un-health?
  7. Who do you have in your life that is encouraging you while also holding you accountable?
  8. With the holidays coming up, what are some areas you know are hard for you to be secure in who you are?
  9. What insecurity do you need to let go of? What aspect of your identity do you need to allow to become rooted in the love and grace of God?