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Dec 4, 2017

Mitch is the athletic director at the University of Kentucky. Mitch and Scott discuss what Mitch has learned over the years about the challenges young men face.

Discussion Questions:

In today's podcast, Scott said, “If you do not initiate your young men into the tribe, they will come back and burn down the village just to feel the heat.” Take a moment to discuss what he means. Have you ever seen this happen?

What are some "rites of passage" used in today's culture - positive or negative? Did you experience any “rite of passage” into manhood?

Talk about a challenge you had in life that forced you to grow up and become a man. How did that challenge shape you?

It’s easy for athletes to define their identity based on athletic success, but it’s not just an issue for athletes. How do you attach your identity to your success? Why are we prone to do that?

When things get hard men are always tempted to avoid responsibility and shift the blame. What are the results when we do that? What happens when we take ownership?

Do you learn well from your mistakes? We don’t have game film to go back and see exactly where we messed up, so how can we help each other learn from these moments?

Read and discuss Hebrews 12:7-11.

Scott and Mitch talked about the epidemic of fatherlessness. Who invested in you growing up? How did it make a difference in your life?

How are you investing in the next generation of men?