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Feb 19, 2018

Scott walks us through some important applications from the life of Joseph from the Old Testament.

Discussion Questions

  1. Recap some of Joseph’s story and read Genesis 39:8-9 & 50:19-21. Encourage the guys to read all of Joseph’s story throughout this week from Genesis 37-50.
  2. Do you tend to see all your sin as sin...

Feb 12, 2018

Scott and Patrick talk specifically about the importance of acknowledging your sexual history.

Discussion Questions

  1. This episode uncovers some deep and hurtful experiences. Issues such as sexual abuse, same-sex attraction, and childhood abuse. If you are in a group setting be aware that this is sensitive, intricate,...

Feb 5, 2018

Scott walks us through some important applications from the life of Abram/Abraham.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Genesis 12:1-9
  2. Think through the practicality of God calling Abram to “leave and go to the land that I will show you”. Who did he have to talk to? What was their response? How long did this take? What if God...

Jan 29, 2018

AJ is a professional baseball player.  AJ will talk about how to be patient during difficult seasons of life.

Discussion Questions

  1. AJ talked about patience during his baseball career and shared about the moments of frustration, bitterness and feeling upset. Why is patience so unnatural for us?
  2. Would you consider...

Jan 22, 2018

Dan is the Campus Leader for Southland’s Georgetown campus. Scott and Dan talk about learning to be fully present with those around us.

Discussion Questions

  1. When you ask people how they are doing, how do people typically respond?
  2. Do you tend to value tasks and projects too highly? Do you tend to validate “being...