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Jan 29, 2018

AJ is a professional baseball player.  AJ will talk about how to be patient during difficult seasons of life.

Group Questions:

  1. AJ talked about patience during his baseball career and shared about the moments of frustration, bitterness and feeling upset. Why is patience so unnatural for us?
  2. Would you consider yourself a patient person?
    1. Do the people around you add fuel to the fire when you are complaining? Do they agree with your thoughts of unfairness and entitlement?  
    2. Or do the people around you encourage you when you’re down? Are they people who are going to help you make wise decisions? Walk with the wise and you’ll grow wise.
    3. Are you being that kind of friend to any guys in your life? Who is it?
  3. AJ talked a lot about the company that you keep.
  4. When AJ’s friend Travis reminded him “You don’t write your story. Your job is to serve”, it became a turning point in his life. How does the idea of entitlement: “ I deserve, I deserve, I deserve” fight against the mentality of “I’m here to serve”?
  5. Read and discuss 1 Peter 5:6-10
  6. How can we practically improve/grow in our patience? Are the things around us helping us or hurting us in that pursuit?