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Feb 26, 2018

Dave is a pastor and author. Dave will talk about how to build strong dating and marriage relationships.

Group Questions:

  1. Discuss Dave’s seven keys to a successful marriage:
    1. Pray together every day. (Spiritual Leadership)
    2. Answer the phone when she calls. (Availability)
    3. Turn off the phone when you're together. (Distractions)
    4. Be playful and fun. (Joy)
    5. Be an encourager, not a critic. (Build Up)
    6. Always be there for each other. (Covenant)
    7. Never give up on each other. (Commitment)
  2. Which of these keys is easiest for you? Hardest?
  3. Is it easier to pray for your wife or with her? Why? 
  4. How does technology currently impact your marriage?
  5. Would people around you know that you prioritize your wife by what you say and do?
  6. How do you currently handle conflict in your marriage? What are some healthy ways you can manage conflict? What unhealthy practices do you need to guard against?
  7. Read Ephesians 5:25-26.
  8. We are called to give, pursue, and forgive with radical grace. As a group pray for one another to do that in our marriages.