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Feb 19, 2018

Scott walks us through some important applications from the life of Joseph from the Old Testament.

Group Questions:

  1. Read Genesis 39:8-9 & 50:19-21. Carve out some time to read Genesis 37-50 individually this week.
  2. Read Psalm 51:3-4. How did David view his sin? Who did he realize he had sinned against?
  3. How does our perspective of who we are sinning against change our view of sin?
  4. Do you see God as the One you are ultimately accountable to? 
  5. How did Joseph keep from becoming bitter and resentful? What perspective did he have of God?
  6. Do you believe God is able to redeem even the worst and most painful moments in your life? 
  7. Scott defines integrity as the "consistency of who you are in private with who you are in public." Many times in Joseph’s story, he is in positions of leadership, authority and power. How does he act with integrity in those positions?
  8. Where are you most tempted to compromise your integrity?
  9. Pray together to be men who see God's sovereignty this week. Ask God to help you live with integrity at home and in the workplace.