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Feb 12, 2018

Scott and Patrick talk specifically about the importance of acknowledging your sexual history.

Discussion Questions

  1. This episode uncovers some deep and hurtful experiences. Issues such as sexual abuse, same-sex attraction, and childhood abuse. If you are in a group setting be aware that this is sensitive, intricate, and may be hard to share about. Some of this may be better to talk about in a therapist setting. But we don’t want people to struggle in isolation and often a few seconds of bravery are met with the response of “me too”. So as a group leader facilitate the discussion particular to your group.
  2. In Patrick’s book ‘Grace and Sexuality’ he says, “To be born into the American culture is to be born into trauma”. Do you agree with his thoughts?
  3. Why is there so much shame associated with our sexual history? Why do we want to hide and cover up?
  4. In the broadest terms, what would you say were your first sexual experiences? (May be a good group discussion or simply a personal reflection question)
  5. As a child were you taught about your sexual desires? Who talked to you about how to express that in a healthy way? If not, where did you learn from?
  6. There’s a big difference of saying “Sex is dirty and let’s not talk about it” and saying “God created sex. He created our bodies this way and he created marriage between and man and a woman. What a great God we serve!” What were you taught growing up and how has that affected your view of sex?
  7. Patrick says the statement: “I am what happened to me, but what choices and decisions do I have now to glorify God?” How would that perspective help moving forward from our sexual histories?
  8. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7
  9. How can you see your sexual struggles as an opportunity to put your trust in God rather than seeing yourself as a helpless victim?