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Feb 5, 2018

Scott walks us through some important applications from the life of Abram/Abraham.

Group Questions:

  1. Read Genesis 12:1-9
  2. Think through the practicality of God calling Abram to “leave and go to the land that I will show you”. Who did he have to talk to? What was their response? How long did this take? What if God said that to you today?
  3. God’s command doesn’t start with much clarity, but becomes clearer as he trusts God and walks in obedience. Has that ever been true in your walk with God?
  4. Scott points out the names of the places Abram is between: “Bethel” = house of God and “Ai” = ruin. Throughout your day do you think of how your decisions are leading you to God or away from God? Are you going to walk in obedience toward God or are you going to takes steps in disobedience away from God. One leads to ruin/destruction and one leads to life/joy/peace.
  5. Read Genesis 12:10-20 & 16:1-6
  6. When things got difficult Abram leaves and takes things into his own hands. Scott notes that we want to control things and we value self-preservation. How was Abram’s decision driven by fear?
  7. Abraham is one of those Bible characters that we tend to hold up as a hero. How does it affect your view of him when we read about all the times he disobeyed God? What does it say about God that he chooses this man to be the father of the nation of Israel?
  8. Look back at decisions in your past when you’ve been at a crossroads to trust God or take things into your own hands. When you have disobeyed and made decisions from a lack of trust what happened? Who suffered because of your decision? What have been the consequences?
  9. On the flip side, what about the times you have trusted Him and obeyed? Who has benefitted from those decisions? What have been the results of that obedience?